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Permobil Power Standing

Stand without compromise

Standing is an effective way to promote greater independence and reduce the risk for secondary complications associated with long-term sitting in wheelchairs. Permobil power standing wheelchairs empower you to utilise standing for activities of daily living, including the ability to drive while standing, in social, work and educational settings to positively impact mental health and quality of life. With fully programmable standing sequences that allow your position to be optimized using supine, semi-reclined, or sit-to-stand techniques.

Which base is best for you?

Only you can decide what works best for you. That’s why we offer a choice of power standing wheelchairs to meet a variety of needs. Click the arrow for functional considerations of each.

Frontwheel Standing

Frontwheel Standing

The F5 Corpus VS has a fully independent suspension on all wheels offering comfort, traction and stability, especially beneficial for active outdoor driving. Easy adjustment of the standing sequences allows your position to be optimised while the light, swing-away knee supports offer improved comfort and flexible on-chair storage for greater independence.

Midwheel Standing

Midwheel Standing

The M Corpus VS combines a compact base and suspension that provides stability, traction, and ride comfort for a best-in-class power standing experience with a mid-wheel base. Designed with the user in mind, the M Corpus VS allows easy adjustment of the standing sequence & positioning to your needs in real time.

Designed for independence

With a lightweight design, our swing-away knee supports can be moved and handled independently using the easy to reach release mechanism even with limited hand function. The swing-away knee supports are available on both F5 Corpus VS and M Corpus VS.

Programming simplified

Programming changes are faster and more intuitive with QuickConfig, the new wireless programming app for Permobil power wheelchairs equipped with Power Platform. Designed for service technicians, clinicians, and providers that offers a simpler way to configure parameters and an intuitive interface to set up F5 Corpus VS and M Corpus VS with the user’s preferred driving and seating characteristics and standing sequence.


Standing supports face-to-face interactions

The impact that power standing wheelchairs can have include multiple health-related benefits, as well as what activities you can participate in and how independent you are. Identified benefits for using a power standing wheelchair supported with high quality evidence include:

  • • Pressure redistribution
  • • Bladder, bowel, digestive functions
  • • Range of motion and muscle length
  • • Activities of daily living, personal/medical care, and leisure activities
  • • Functional reach
  • • Communication
  • • Participation in social, work, and educational settings
  • • Independence
Reference: Nooijen C, Ostendorf P, Bernstein J (2023) Permobil White Paper: A summary of the evidence on power standing wheelchairs.

Want to know more? 

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